This rust will stop the water flow to every faucet in your home!

“Don’t even think about threading fittings on a pipe unless both male and female threads are clean,” according to Bob Beall,Mr. Rooter Plumbing Pittsburgh, the most referred plumber in the Southwest Pennsylvania and Northeast Ohio regions. Galvanized Coil

Installing A Threaded Fitting:  Galvanized Pipe Must Be Free Of Debris

Cleaning | Galvanized | PipeAccording to Mr. Rooter, “clean heavy rust on male threads by and, using a wire brush.”

Mr. Rooter’s Tip Of The Day

Tip #1 Use a bench-mounted grinder. If the pipe is in a fixed location, use a wooden-handled wire brush or mount a circular brush on a drill. Apply thread lubricant (paste or Teflon tape) to the male threads before screwing the fitting onto the pipe.

Tip #2 Set the fitting against the threads square to the pipe. Turn the fitting clockwise until the threads engage. Keep turning the fitting until it is hand tight.

Tip #3 To get the fitting watertight it is imperative to use two pipe wrenches and significant muscle power. Use one pipe wrench to turn the fitting clockwise and a second wrench on the pipe, applying equal power in opposite directions.

Tip #4 The jaws should face each other. Tighten the fitting until its orientation stops and is lined up with the pipe on the other end. If it is tightened too far, don’t back the fitting off, continue tightening until the faces of the fitting and the pipe meet.

BONUS TIP: Any debris that breaks loose on the inside of a galvanized pipe can clog up all the faucets in the house. Be sure to clean the threads thoroughly, and wipe the inside of the pipe clean with a rag.

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Installing A Threaded Fitting:  Galvanized Pipe Must Be Free Of Debris

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