Police confirm that 40 pairs of women's underwear were found in former UE employee's office

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Police confirm that 40 pairs of women

EVANSVILLE, Ind. (WEHT) — The investigation continues on Monday for former University of Evansville locksmith — Zachariah Brock.

Police confirmed that it found over 40 different pieces of women’s undergarments and over 100 pieces of mail that did not belong to Brock in his office.

Police say Brock told investigators that he went into dorm rooms and stole the underwear on multiple occasions — some go back to January 2023.

“He admitted that sometimes he did have a legitimate work order to enter the dorms — while other times he did not and had entered those dorms without permission,” Evansville Police Sergeant Anna Gray said. “After the interview, law enforcement officials felt that they had enough probable cause to arrest Brock.”

“This employee underwent a thorough background check during the hiring process and neither the background check nor the individual’s work history at the university suggested this type of illegal behavior,” UE Public Safety Director Kevin Corbin said.

Sergeant Gray says there’s “potentially other charges” that Brock could face once the investigation is done.

Looking forward — the university’s facilities workers will undergo weekly audits on their key cards, and they will have to enter dorm rooms in pairs. These initiatives have already started.

“I think that this is a great way starting, knowing where employees are and working in pairs, especially so they can monitor each other,” UE senior Bea Ashworth said. “I think that’s great.”

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Police confirm that 40 pairs of women

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