Tigerwood flooring from Mirage - the exotic wood flooring


Tigerwood flooring is rich and beautiful, a perfectly elegant flooring solution for a high-end space. Exotic wood flooring like the Tigerwood you can find at Mirage can add a subtle but impactful texture to your decor. Tigerwood, aka Zebrawood, is a remarkable wood species typically found in the tropical forests of the South and Central Americas. Its sapwood ranges from dark reddish brown to dark red or orange-brown and is characterized by its close grain of black-brown stripes that occur at random intervals, thus earning it the moniker “Tigerwood” or “Zebrawood”. Its moderate to pronounced color variation is one aspect of this species that makes it so special. This is also a relatively hard wood – about 71% harder than a species such as Red Oak. Mirage provides this flooring in a variety of plank widths – ranging from 2″ to 4 5/16″ – and in two versions – Mirage Classic and Mirage Engineered. Contact Mirage to obtain a quote for this exotic flooring. Mirage LVT Flooring

Tigerwood flooring from Mirage - the exotic wood flooring

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Tigerwood flooring from Mirage - the exotic wood flooring

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